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Wow, it’s definitely harder to dedicate time here than I had anticipated. Therefore instead of going for quantity, I’ll go for Quality!!!

I could not pass up on the chance to yell from the rooftops, after seeing these two projects on Kickstarter at the moment. Having looked high and low for good looking, reasonably priced and big enough with playable interiors tabletop buildings, finally my search has ended. If you are a Malifaux player, do yourself a HUGE favor and check these out.

First up, AWESOME modular Victorian/Steampunk themed building blocks. Guys, check this out….. Great sizing at approximately 6×11 per module and completely stackable and modular. System is only limited by your imagination…. Can you say a 6 storey Guild headquarters on cobblestone streets…


Next…. consider that outskirt mining town, under attack by the Neverborn, Defended by the Ortegas…. well that requires some gorgeous Western themed buildings. Check this campaign out. Another North American company with great looking, large builds.


So there you go. My experience thus far has been that nice looking buildings are usually found over-seas, and very little is created here domestically. Well now we have two companies, who have both funded and are offering excellent value 3mm mdf buildings. The first company (TabletopGamer.com) is here in my native Canada(FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!) and Paul is a wonderful person. He has listened to his backers at every turn, and is working vehemently to bring us the product we are looking for. The second company (blackmariadesigns.com) are U.S. based, and besides offering a varied collection of great looking buildings, offer a custom service from their website. From personal experience, their communication is top notch and Sean took care of all my requests in a very timely fashion.


Do yourselves a great favor and check these out. Creating a beautiful gaming table has never been easier.

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Hello everyone.

At some point in the near future I want to post a comprehensive review of a new brush that I have been using for the past week. I am truly amazed at how well these brushes perform, but shouldn’t really be surprised because they are high quality Kolinsky Sable brushes. I had never thought that I would purchase any because the over $15.00 price tag simply wasn’t in my budget. And then, there came ZEM BRUSHES. I am going to keep this short and sweet for now, but do yourselves all a favor and go check them out. You will not regret it. They have a very extensive range, but pay close attention to the 3200 series round brush. AWESOME Prices, and EXCEPTIONAL Quality. Couple that with service that is off the hook, and you cannot go wrong. The owner, Skevos is happy to answer all questions, and is very knowledgeable.


Most brushes that we use will cost you below $5.00 for real Kolinsky Sable, and orders over $25.00 have free U.S. Shipping.

Check them out…




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Malifaux minis, these actually were my first, will need to go back and retouch them. especially the faces…. definitely my Achile’s heel.

Malifaux 1 Malifaux 2 Malifaux 3 Malifaux 4 Malifaux 5 Malifaux 6 Malifaux 7 Malifaux 8 Malifaux 9 Malifaux 10 Malifaux 11

Warhammer 40K painted

Posted: April 5, 2015 in Warhammer 40K

Well…. you guessed it, this is my photo album for 40K stuff I have painted. Will try and keep updated.


This page will feature just odds and ends, painted bases, terrain pieces, accessories etc…

Hirst arts props 1

Hirst arts props intended for Zombicide

Hirst Arts Props 2

Hirst Arts Props

Wooden bases 1

30mm Forest Bases


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I will be posting various Zombicide minis here, check back once in a while for more deadness….

Zombicide 1

3 walkers and Thiago Zombivor on roadwork bases

Zombicide 2

Back side 3 walkers and Thiago Zombivor

I finally was able to snap a couple pics, I will attempt to keep adding as soon as I have more completed. Please feel free to leave comments.

Tentacles on custom Bases

Tentacle 1 Tentacle 3 Tentacle 4

Void Spider on Custom Base

Void Spider 2Void Spider 1 Void Spider 3

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Hey all,

O.K. I’m going to give this blogging another try. Will attempt to post a few pics with this post to facilitate any newcomers with one of the most daunting problems, (actually, the first problem, IMO) facing new miniature painters after initially choosing to join the ranks. Of course, the absolute first thing to decide is “what” you want to paint. At some point I will attempt to give a rundown of various miniature makers ranging from Skirmish to Boardgame mini manufacturers. But the focus of this post will be the medium you wish to use…. in other words, the PAINT.

When I initially started my foray in this hobby, I was “innocent” and picked up a starter Warhammer 40K box, and asked the clerk at the hobby store what was required as far as paint. He enthusiastically referred me to the “BEST” paint rack they had in store. Now “best”  is the term the clerk used, I believe he confused best with “only” because the Citadel paint rack was the only paints they had in store.

Now, I was correctly advised to pick up a can of spray primer, a selection of 4-5 brushes, 8-10 different paint colors and a couple of washes. Wow!!! My WH40K box was $80.00 and those paint supplies ran over $100.00. O.K. such is the beast, I now have supplies to paint this box and more.  I need to state VERY clearly that Citadel paints and products are very very good. For my initial attempt these worked very well, beautiful strong colors, the brushes lasted very well, and the washes applied very well. BUT>>>>>>>, oh yeah there is a but….. Citadel have these little paint pots that no matter how hard you try to seal them will let air in and dry your paints after a while. This coupled with a high price point almost made me give up on the hobby. Nothing worse than investing in paints, only to have them dry out after 1 year and make them useless.Image result for citadel paint

I invested a lot of time researching paints and have concluded the following:

1. There are many GREAT paint companies to choose from, as long as they are model acrylics, they will work. No need to buy a specific paint for a specific model line… ex citadel paint for citadel miniatures.

2. Although more expensive, stick to paints designed for OUR hobby. Miniature paints are designed to bond better to our plastic,resin or metal miniatures. Not to knock the craft paints from the Dollar tree, or Michaels or similar stores but those paints are better for more porous materials like plaster,ceramic,paper,cloth etc. Yes we all prefer the pricing on these, but generally these paints need to be thinned to be usefull  and again I have never had good enough results to warrant the $1.00-$2.00 savings. These paints seem to “rub” off much more easily during the painting process.

3. Dropper bottles are the way to go. Companies like P3, Reaper Master Series, Vallejo, and Army painter all have wonderful paint ranges that come in dropper style bottles. This style of bottle seals tightly, and you simply squeeze out “drops” of paint to use at a time. I personally will not deal with paints that do not come in dropper bottles. 6564372_orig

4. Definitely choose a good spray on primer, again all the previous companies have them, but since the primer is your base layer, spraying thin layers will leave the details from the miniature nice and crisp compared to brush on primers.

5. Do not fear, or fool yourself into believing you need to buy, paint and use only one paint company. You can mix and match without any problems as long as they are all acrylic. Mixing acrylic and enamels is a bit trickier though. I personally own and use paints from Reaper,P3,Vallejo,Army Painter,Badger, and still have a couple citadel washes laying around.

So…. just a very simple what’s what I guess for those that might be new to the game. There is so much info online that I hope this is helpful and simple to follow.

Now here is my 2 cents worth for everyone: I truly,TRULY enjoy Reaper Master Series paints, definitely my preferred paints at this time for all the right reasons. Perfect coverage, wonderful tints, great bottles, perfect color triads for shading and detailing, inexpensive.

Miniature Market has the BEST price for Reaper MSP right now $2.59 per bottle. Yup 1/2 the price of citadel, and lasts years without drying.  www.miniaturemarket.com

Hope this helps… and till next time.